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  • Wine, Beer and other Alcoholic Beverages

    The sale of alcoholic beverages is a matter that is highly regulated and taxed within the United States. In many states, for example, sellers of alcoholic beverages must be licensed, and in all states they must take steps to ensure that they do not sell their products to minors. It is even illegal for individuals to ship alcoholic beverages, including wine, to a willing adult buyer in some states. Policy:

    Due to the many difficulties inherent in Internet alcohol sales, will not permit the listings of wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages on its website. Policy:

    There may be instances where the particular collectible container is unopened and still contains an alcoholic beverage. The sale of collectible containers will be permitted so long as each of the following are met:

    � The value of the auctioned item is in the collectible container, not its contents. Thus, bottles of wine are not permitted because their value is based on the wine in the bottle, and not the bottle itself.

    � The auction description should state that the container has not been opened, but that any incidental contents are not intended for consumption.

    � The item must not be available at any retail outlet, and the container must have a value that substantially exceeds the current retail price of the alcohol in the container.

    � Sellers should take steps to ensure that the buyer of these collectibles is of lawful age in the buyer and seller's jurisdiction (generally 21 years old). Buyers and sellers must ensure that the sale complies with all applicable laws and shipping regulations in carrying out the transaction. is, however, a forum for the sale of alcohol-related collectibles, including alcohol-related memorabilia, packaging and containers such as bottles, decanters or limited edition cans (provided you comply with the above policies), which are not subject to the same legal constraints.

    If you have questions about this policy, view the Alcohol and Tobacco Faq

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