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  • Stolen Property

    The sale of stolen property is strictly forbidden on, and violates state, federal and international law. strongly supports law enforcement efforts to recover stolen property that is listed on its web site, and urges the prosecution of those responsible for knowingly attempting to sell such items on Stolen property includes items taken from private individuals, as well as property taken without authorization from companies or governments.

    For U.S. federal law on selling stolen property or government property without authorization, go to:

    interstate transportation of stolen property

    theft of government property

    If you see an item on that you believe is stolen, your best course is to contact law enforcement immediately. Under's privacy rules, our attorneys will provide important records about pending and past auctions with an official request from law enforcement officials. Please inform the police officer handling the case that will be pleased to cooperate in the investigation, and ask the officer to contact at the email address we've set aside for law enforcement organizations (LEO):

    [email protected]

    or by fax at: 618-281-2122. It is important that these methods of contact be reserved for law enforcement use only, as it enables us to respond quickly in case of emergencies. Emails/faxes directed to these areas that are not from law enforcement will be routed to the appropriate mailbox or individual accordingly and may cause delays in response time.

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