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  • Electronics Equipment

    Scanners - Generally, scanning receivers and radios may be listed on However, you may not list any scanning receiver or radio that receives cellular transmissions or has "full 800mz" coverage.

    Low Power Radio Transmitting Devices and Related Equipment - Devices that transmit radio signals on the AM or FM bands are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, and there are regulations that restrict the range of such devices. On FM frequencies, these low power devices are limited to an effective service range of approximately 35 to 100 feet (11 to 30 meters). On the AM broadcast band, these devices are limited to an effective service range of approximately 200 to 250 feet (61 to 76 meters). does not permit the listing of devises that claim or suggest a more extensive range, as such items may violate these regulations. Need more info before listing or bidding? Visit the FCC's Audio Services Division.

    Radar Jamming Devices - There are some products that claim to "jam" or otherwise interfere with police radar devices. According to the FCC, such devices are not lawful, and therefore they may not be listed on

    Extended Coverage High Frequency Transceivers - Equipment that is intended to operate in various radio services in the high frequency radio spectrum, including "10-Meter" Amateur Radio Service (ARS) equipment, is lawful and may be sold. However, some items of this nature that are capable of transmitting, and are being operated, in nearby frequency bands allocated to other radio services such as the Private Land Mobile Radio Services, Maritime Services, Auxiliary Broadcast Services, International Broadcasting Services, the Citizens Band Radio Service, and the U.S. Government. Operation of this equipment causes interference to the authorized users of these frequencies.

    Users may not list a high frequency transceiver that is designed to operate on frequencies outside of the ARS bands, if it has not been issued a grant of equipment authorization for the radio service(s) in which the transmitter is capable of operating.

    CB Amplifiers - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not permit the use of power amplifiers with Citizens Band radios. Therefore, prohibits any listings of the following:

    • CB amplifiers
    • Amplifiers specified for use on the 11 Meter band
    • Amplifiers designed for use in frequencies 24 MHz to 35MHz
    • Amplifiers posted within the CB category
    • CB Radios that are amplified to exceed 4 Watts using the AM Settings or 12 Watts using the SSB settings

    Further clarification can be found in the FCC rules C.F.R. Title 47 Section 2.815

    For more information regarding the FCC rules regarding CB Transceivers, please visit:

    Cordless Telephones - Most cordless telephones are lawful and may be sold. Cordless telephones, as opposed to cellular telephones, are designed to transmit by radio waves to a portable handset connected to an existing telephone line. All cordless telephones listed for sale on must be authorized by the FCC. Authorized cordless telephones display an FCC identification number and compliance label. To search for FCC-authorized equipment, including cordless telephones, go to:

    Unauthorized long-range cordless telephones may interfere with frequencies of authorized users and aeronautical communications. For that reason, unlike listings of other cordless telephones, a listing of a long-range cordless telephone that operates below 1000 MHz and that transmits over one kilometer (1094 yards) must state the specific FCC identification number displayEd on that telephone.

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