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  • Real Estate

    Due to the wide variety of laws governing the sale of real estate, auctions of real property are not legally binding offers to buy and sell that property. Instead, they are simply a way for sellers to advertise their real estate and meet potential buyers. At the close of the auction, the seller should contact the high bidder to discuss entering into a contract for the real property. However, neither party is obligated to complete the real estate transaction.

    The purchase and sale of real estate is a complicated matter that is often governed by local laws, and laws in the country where the property is located. You are strongly advised to seek the help of a licensed real estate professional and/or a real estate attorney to help you in the negotiation and sale of any real estate.

    These rules apply only in listings of real estate on In the case of real estate auctions, if these rules conflict with's User Agreement , these rules apply.

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