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  • Police-Related Items

    Generally, you may not list law enforcement badges or official law enforcement equipment from any public entity, including badges issued by the government of any country. This prohibition extends to police badges and official equipment from federal, state or local law enforcement agencies of the United States.

    In many cases, state and federal laws prohibit unauthorized individuals from even possessing a law enforcement badge. For example, one federal law specifically prohibits " the manufacture, sale(s), or possession of any federal badge without the specific authority of the head of the issuing department or agency of the US government...." 18 U.S.C. 701.

    The following list contains a non-exclusive list of police-related items that may not be listed on

    � Official current or recent issue police uniforms

    � Badges from federal law enforcement agencies � Badges from the Bureau of Indian Affairs

    � Military police badges

    � Quasi-law enforcement badges (e.g., fire department badges)

    � State or international badges

    � Badges in lucite

    � Movie prop badges

    � Identification cards

    � Credential cases

    � "Badge patches," including the National Park Service "arrowhead" patch and US Forest Service patch

    � Raid jackets

    � Emergency vehicle lighting and sirens

    Further, federal agencies also prohibit any commercial reproduction of their name, seal or logo. Therefore, copies or reproductions of police badges are banned. Such badges infringe upon the copyright and trademark rights of the agency that issued the badges.

    Can I ever list a law enforcement badge on

    Yes, you may list a law enforcement badge if:

    � The law enforcement organization that issues the badge states in writing that it does not object to the sale of the item, and

    � You post a copy of that letter with a valid law enforcement contact (name and phone number) on the site with the badge.

    You may also list the following police-related items on

    � Mini-badges (size approximately 1 inch by 1 inch)

    � Historical badges that do not resemble modern law enforcement badges (a sheriff's badge from the 19th century), provided that the item description must clearly state that the badge is a historical piece at least 75 years old or issued by now defunct organization

    � Authorized general souvenir items, such as hats, mugs, pins, pens, buttons, cuff links, t-shirts, money clips that do not resemble badges, and paperweights that do not contain badges

    � Badges from private security companies

    � Badges that are clearly not official (e.g., plastic or cartoon badges)

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