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  • Offensive Material's community is a diverse, international group of users with varied backgrounds and beliefs, and it's easy to imagine how some items listed on might be offensive to at least some of our users somewhere in the world. But one of's great strengths is the diversity of its usership and the items they trade, and believes that it's important to respect (and learn from) that diversity. That's why generally permits listings of "practically anything on earth," even items which most of us find offensive.

    Fundamentally, though, is a community, and users of a community must respect each other as human beings. Listings that promote hate, violence or racial intolerance (or organizations dedicated to such notions) have no place in a true community -- we're all here to trade, to do business, and to have fun with each other. will not become a platform for those who promote hatred toward their fellow man. has always exercised judgment in allowing or disallowing certain listings in the best interest of the community. Therefore, will judiciously disallow listings or items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, or racial intolerance, or items that promote organizations (such as the KKK, Nazis, neo-Nazis, Skinheads, Aryan Nation) with such views.

    Under this policy, may in its discretion, remove items and refund listing fees when the item or description graphically portrays violence or victims of violence, and lacks substantial social, artistic or political value. For example, may disallow sales of explicit crime scene imagegraphs or morgue images, while permitting military documentaries or imagegraphs of war victims.

    Further, will remove any listing and suspend the users involved where it appears that a person convicted of a violent felony is attempting to use (directly or through another person) to benefit financially from his or her criminal notoriety. will review listings that are brought to its attention by the community, and will look at the entire listing to determine whether it falls within this rule. recognizes that some older relics of organizations that promoted hate, violence or racial intolerance are legitimate collectible items that serve as a reminder of past injustices or horrors. Obviously, the past cannot be erased, and such relics can serve as important reminders and educational tools in a community that can learn from the past. Therefore, relics of groups such as the KKK or Nazi Germany may be listed on, provided that they are at least 50 years old, and the listing is not used as a platform to glorify or promote the organization or its values. Listings of such items that are not 50 years old will be removed when brought to our attention. Sellers must state the approximate age of the item within the description.

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