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  • Non-Paying-Bidder?

    This is your place to learn about's Non-Paying Bidder Program and supporting features.

    Start here if you're a:

    � user who is interested in knowing more about what happens when high bidders don't pay.

    Non-Paying bidders face the following consequences through this program:

    � First offense: warning

    � Second offense: warning

    � Third offense: warning and 30 day suspension

    � Fourth offense: indefinite suspension.

    What to do if you're a seller with a non-paying bidder

    See Quick Summary

    1. The seller and buyer should contact each other after the auction has ended. Like you, buyers can have emergencies or computer problems. Your high bidder may not be able to respond to you right away for legitimate reasons.

    2. File a Non-Paying Bidder Report after 7 days or more of your auction's close, if you still don't get a response or if you feel you may not receive payment. remember: you must complete a Non-Paying Bidder Alert form within 45 days after the end of your auction.

    Try to work things out with your bidder in the next 10 days after you file a Non-Paying Bidder Alert. Once you file, will send an email to you and your high bidder. Your high bidder will be reminded to pay you and informed of the consequences if no payment is sent.

    Quick Summary

    1. Contact each other after your auction has ended.

    Generally within 3 business days is a good idea.

    2. Complete a Non-Paying Bidder Alert form.

    After 7 days but not past 45 days of your auction's close.

    3. Try to work things out.

    After you file a Non-Paying Bidder Alert, try to work things out with your bidder in the next 10 days.


    Dutch Auctions work the same as other auctions with one exception:

    You may file a Non-Paying Bidder Alert form only once per auction for as many bidders as necessary. That is, you cannot go back and file additional Alerts if you have more non-paying bidders from the same auction.

    Special note to bidders: If you are a bidder and believe you received an unfair warning, you may appeal it by using's Non-Paying Bidder Appeal form Warnings will remain on your record until they are successfully appealed.

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