Site Policies

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  • What is not investigated, and what you should do if these things happen.

    Here you will find many of the things that we do not investigate. These include simple misunderstandings, failures to communicate, user to user conflicts, and other acts which has no control over. Also included is's recommendations on how to deal with items such as this.

  • We do sympathize with your predicament. It is awful to have such comments in what was a top notch feedback profile or a "perfect" record. What you might do is to post a reply to your own profile. That way, anyone looking at your feedback will see your side of the story. If it is any consolation, any user with good sense will see through this one incident and recognize the general pattern of positive transactions that you have had. Please remember, it is never appropriate to raise your own feedback through the use of your own or another registration in order to repair a negative feedback.
  • We hope this helps you to understand our policy.
  • If the seller has a stated policy concerning shipping and payment terms on the item listing or storefront, then you as potential buyer must clear any exceptions to this before actually entering into the transaction. If the seller does not wish to make an exception, that is their right. You should, therefore, simply refuse to bid on or purchase the item.
  • The seller refuses to answer my emails, they will not acknowledge my valid transaction, or they have already sold the item.
  • cannot force a seller to honor their transactions. You should of course, leave appropriate feedback for the reluctant seller to warn other buyers of his or her past history. Depending on your local jurisdiction, you may have independent legal recourse against the seller.
  • The buyer insists that I: Ship COD; accept a third party post-dated check; box each item separately, etc.
  • cannot force a buyer to honor the transaction but you can alert the rest of the community of your experience by leaving the noncompliant buyer appropriate feedback. You may also either offer the item to the next bidder or you may relist it.
  • Bid Sniping (last minute bidding)
  • always recommends bidding the absolute maximum that one is willing to pay for an item early in the auction. uses a proxy bidding system, you may bid as high as you wish, but the current bid that is registered will only be a small increment above the next lowest bid. The remainder of your Maximum Bid is held, by the system, to be used in the event someone bids against you. For a full explanation of Proxy Bidding click here.
  • Thus, if one is outbid, one should be at worst, ambivalent toward being outbid. After all, someone else was simply willing to pay more than you wanted to pay for it. If someone does outbid you toward the last minutes of an auction, it may feel unfair, but if you had bid your maximum amount up front and let the Proxy Bidding system work for you, the outcome would not be based on time.
  • Almost everything else that is not in the list for what TO report.
  • Any technical questions, billing questions etc, should be sent to the appropriate e-mail address to avoid delays. You may find the proper contacts here
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