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  • Non-Binding Bid Policy

    Some types of items cannot be sold through the auction format on our site. Therefore, we have a separate policy for these types of items where placing a bid neither constitutes a legally binding contract, obligating the seller to sell the item, nor obligates the high bidder to purchase the item. If you list these types of items on, the listing cannot result in a binding contract to buy and sell the item, but is merely a means of introducing interested potential sellers to interested potential buyers.

    The following types of items must be listed in the appropriate "non-binding bid" category (if such category exists), and may only be listed to solicit indications of interest for the item:

    Real Estate (e.g., homes, real property, time shares)

    Businesses (e.g., stock sale of businesses)

    In addition, we recommend that when you list any of the types of items outlined above you seek legal counsel and the aid of an appropriate licensed professional. The purchase and sale of these types of items is complicated, and subject to a wide variety of laws, including those of the local jurisdiction and the country in which the item is located. If you list any of these types of items to solicit indications of interest you may, but are not obligated to, contact anyone who responds to your listing to discuss the sale of the item, subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

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