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  • Hazardous, Restricted and Perishable Items

    Hazardous Items:

    Hazardous or "dangerous" goods are items that may pose a danger to health, safety or property while being transported, such as explosives, radioactive materials, flammable gases and solids, and toxic substances. Many hazardous goods cannot be shipped through the mail or commercial carrier at all -- such items are not allowed on

    A few hazardous materials may lawfully be transported under certain conditions if they are properly packaged and labeled. Such items may be listed on, provided that the listing contains a clear notice of the hazardous nature of the material, and a description of the planned method of shipping that complies with the law. For details on particular hazardous substances and transportation requirements in the US and internationally, look at the U.S. Postal Service Publication 52:

    Examples of hazardous materials that are not permitted on

    Antique fire extinguishers that contain carbon tetrachloride, including glass bulb fire extinguishers and brass extinguishers with a "T" shaped handle.

    Restricted Items:

    Restricted items generally do not pose a danger to health, safety or property while being transported, but their transport is regulated or banned for public policy reasons. Many "restricted" items such as alcohol, firearms, pets, drug paraphernalia and lock picking devices are not permitted on under other rules. Generally, restricted items that may be lawfully transported by mail or common carrier are permitted on, unless otherwise prohibited by rules. Examples of restricted items that may be listed on include tropical fish, insects such as honeybees or ladybugs, and some knives.

    Information about restricted items is available at:

    Perishable Items:

    Perishables are items that can deteriorate or lose value under normal mailing conditions (and create a nasty smell´┐Żyuk!). If you're dealing in perishables, educate yourself about postal regulations in this area and follow the rules! Read about specific perishables like eggs, poultry and plants at:

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