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  • Hard Outage Policy

    Our highest priority is your trading success. However, occasionally experiences "hard outages" during which bidders cannot place bids. When these hard outages occur, we offer an Outage Policy to compensate for your inconvenience.

    For any hard outage lasting two or more hours, will automatically extend listings for 24 hours and automatically credit all associated fees for affected listings.

    The following listings will be eligible for extension and credit:

    � Any listing scheduled to end during the hard outage

    � Any listing scheduled to end in the hour after the end of the outage

    What is a Hard Outage?

    A hard outage occurs when no one can bid as a result of unscheduled system downtime. At our discretion, may consider two hard outages that occur very closely to one another to be one hard outage when extending listings. Listings that end prior to a hard outage will not be extended.

    During a Hard Outage

    Updates will be posted on the bulletins Board during a hard outage. Please check there for details about the outage and listing extensions.

    When Listings are Extended

    Following a hard outage of two or more hours, will extend the end times for all eligible listings by 24 hours. This activity prevents bidding on these listings while the end times are being reset. After resetting listing end times, updates search and listing indexes. Until these index updates are completed, these listings will be unavailable via search or view listings features. This re-indexing can take a few hours.

    To End Your Listing offers the Outage Policy as a courtesy. However, you may be satisfied with the bidding activity before the extended listing end time. If you are, you may end your listing at any time.

    Scheduled Downtime periodically schedules system downtime for maintenance and other purposes. This scheduled downtime is not covered by this policy. Listings that end during, or are otherwise affected by, scheduled downtime will not be extended, even though bidders are not able to place bids at the close of the listing.

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