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  • Fireworks

    Fireworks or pyrotechnic device may not be listed on These items are heavily regulated or banned in most states, and postal regulations prohibit the transmission of these items via the postal system.

    Under California law, fireworks include "any device containing chemical elements and chemical compounds capable of burning independently of the oxygen of the atmosphere and producing audible, visual, mechanical or thermal effects which are useful as pyrotechnic devices or for entertainment."

    Pyrotechnic devices include "any combination of materials, including pyrotechnic comPositions, which, by the agency of fire, produce an audible, visual, mechanical or thermal effect designed and intended to be useful for industrial, agricultural, personal safety, or educational purposes."

    Examples of fireworks and pyrotechnic devices that may not be listed on include, but are not limited to: fireworks and fireworks kits, aerial bombs, booby traps (pull string), bottle rockets, chasers, daygo bombs, firecrackers, fountains, nitro poppers, party poppers, roman candles, skyrockets, smoke balls, smoke bombs, snap caps, snappers, sparklers, sparks, and torpedoes.

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