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  • What is an escrow service?

    Escrow is a defined process whereby a buyer puts money into the custody of a trusted third party with a guarantee that funds are available for payment to the seller after a specified set of conditions has been met. We chose to partner with Escrow.Com, who is the world's leading online escrow service, to provide this service.

    How does Escrow.Com's escrow service work?

    It's very simple. Buyer deposits funds into escrow. Seller ships item to Buyer. Buyer approves. Escrow.Com's escrow service pays seller. Its that easy.

    What are the benefits of using an escrow service?

      For sellers:
    • Protection against credit card fraud, insufficient funds and credit card chargebacks.
    • Sell to buyers who prefer paying by credit card without getting a merchant account.
      For buyers:
    • Receive and inspect the stuff before your payment is sent to the seller.
    • Send credit card information to a trusted source rather than to a stranger.

    What are escrow fees?'s fees are based on the amount of the transaction and the method of payment. Visit Escrow.Com to view fee schedules. Escrow.Com is worth the peace of mind knowing your transaction will be secure and your money protected.

    Why did Trading Company, Inc. choose to partner with Escrow.Com?

    Escrow.Com is the world's leading online escrow service. They have the most experience in providing online escrow, and have the most secure escrow service available. We wanted you to know that your money (as either buyer or seller) was in safe hands. This is why Escrow.Com has also been chosen as the escrow service provider for eBay and many other sites.

    For more information about Escrow.Com visit their website at

    For more information regarding Trading Company, Inc.'s partnership with Escrow.Com, please click here.

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