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  • Dispute Resolution Overview

    What is online dispute resolution?

    Online dispute resolution is a new, unbiased method that can help you resolve disputes that may arise involving transactions. SquareTrade's preferred dispute resolution provider, SquareTrade, offers two services:

    a free web-based forum which allows users to attempt to resolve their differences on their own or if necessary and the use of a professional mediator.

    What are the benefits and costs of this service?

    All buyers and sellers can use this online dispute resolution service. It's free to file a complaint. SquareTrade will contact and encourage the other party to respond to your case. You can then try and settle your dispute through SquareTrade's free Web-based process and patent-pending technology. A significant number of complaints are directly resolved in this way.


    In addition to turning a negative episode into a positive one, using SquareTrade can help:

    � Resolve misunderstandings fairly

    � Provide a neutral go-between for buyers and sellers;

    � Reduce pre-mature negative feedback

    � Generate trust in the community

    How can I start the dispute resolution process?

    To start the process, file a complaint. You will be asked to complete these steps via an online form:

    � Create a SquareTrade User id and password

    � Enter complaint details.

    SquareTrade will send a notification email to the other party who can then respond to you. Your complaint and the other party's response will appear in a secure area on the SquareTrade Web site. Only you, the other party and the mediator (if you choose to involve one) will be granted access. Disputes are often successfully settled with this independent resolution method.

    If you'd like, you can also use a SquareTrade mediator for $15 to guide you through the Web-based process. The mediator works to understand both points of view and to help develop a fair, agreeable settlement. If a resolution can't be reached, the mediator will recommend a solution based on principles of fairness and good conduct. This process generally takes 10 days. Learn more about SquareTrade or file a complaint by clicking here.

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