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  • Credit Cards permits the listing of inactive credit or debit cards, provided that the card has been expired for at least ten years (this time frame was selected by to define "collectible" credit cards for the purposes of our site.)

    Unexpired, active credit or debit cards cannot lawfully be transferred from one person to another, and therefore such items may not be listed on The transfer of recently expired credit cards raises privacy concerns and creates the potential for abuse, and therefore such items are also prohibited on the site. If posting a picture of the card, you should cover or block out at least part of the name and/or credit card number.

    Older, expired credit cards originally issued by credit card companies, gas companies, stores and banks may have some collectible value. will permit the listings of such expired cards, provided that the expiration date on the face of the card is at least 10 years old. Sellers should also examine the terms and conditions on the card to ensure that the sale of the expired card is not prohibited.

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