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  • Advertisements and Credits does not permit sellers to place within their listings advertisements for 3rd party companies, products or services unrelated to the item being sold -- listings may only describe the item for sale on Please visit the User Agreement for clarification on permissions to your listing description. recognizes that many sellers use 3rd party services to help perform essential functions related to their listing and that there are legitimate reasons for identifying such companies in listings. For example, some companies offer picture hosting, counters, listing software and payment facilitation services. In exchange for providing their service, some third party services require or request that they receive "credit" or recognition for their service within the listing. We will allow such credit within the following guidelines. will permit listings that contain a small, discrete identification or "credit" to third parties that provide services or products directly connected with the particular listing. The credit may only contain text (HTML font size 3) OR a logo (88x33 pixels) identifying or crediting the company offering the product or service. It may not contain promotional material or other information about the company.

    � If credit text is used:

    � The font size may be no greater than the example below (HTML font size 3) and may contain no more than 10 words.

    � It may contain clickable text links (which otherwise comply with policies).

    � It may only contain information about the company or the service they provide, such as: "provided by Company X" or "I accept payment through Company Y."

    Example of a text credit permitted within an item page:

    "This image was provided courtesy of Company A"

    � If a logo or icon is used:

    � The logo size may be no greater than 88x33 pixels

    � It may link only to the third party company's web site

    � It may not provide promotional statements or information - it may simply be an identifier of the company/affiliation

    Listings that do not meet's policy on advertisements and credits may be ended. The continued practice of placing advertisements in a listing may result in suspension from

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